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Reclaim Your Spark

Apr 24, 2018

Thinking of a big life change? Take the leap! In this episode, I chat with Karen Lamont, owner of Citrus Silver - she made a significant change in her life - 12 years in the corporate world, decided to create her own business and skyrocketed!

Karen discusses:

* Her feelings that led up to her big life transformation


Apr 17, 2018

Every Sunday morning, I grab myself a cup of tea (usually the lemongrass blend) and find a quiet, distraction free space in my house. 

With my favourite journal, I write down all my thoughts, intentions, wishes, dreams and goals. A big massive brain dump (I know, not the best word.. but it effectively describes...

Apr 10, 2018

Feeling lost or bored? You are the creator of your life! By setting intention to your goals and decisions, you create a life on your terms.  Meet Aryn Savard, creator of The Goddess Movement, co-founder of The Biz Hive and creator of the Clarity Project.  She is a mover.  A boat rocker . A seeker of potential and...

Apr 3, 2018

Hello fellow anxiety sufferers! I am open with my journey with anxiety - it doesn't have to hold you back from enjoying life and being successful! 

In this interview with Stephanie Dalfonzo, author of Goodbye Anxiety, Hello Freedom, we discuss strategies on managing anxiety and how to move forward. Very informative!